Associate Information JC Penney

JC Penney has more than 150,000 associates in the U.S. stores. An associated retail employee, found in mall stores and independent works and meets JC Penney customers through superior customer service . Associates are part-time and full-time employees and they can store with different career goals. A retired person looking for weeks for a few hours to complete the income and young professionals interested in the retail industry are examples Typical partners stores.

Roles and Responsibilities

An associate of JC Penney works well independently with clients and colleagues. They are trusted with debit cards, credit and debit cards and other payment methods approved. At end of turn, to reconcile its cash and must have attention to detail during the process of managing money. Associates usually are trained for the particular department, such as home decoration or women’s clothing, but can be rotated from one department to another based on need, but also conducted additional training for other departments.


JC Penney partners are paid hourly rate, but may also receive commission. According to its website, “JC Penney full time associates are invited to participate in our benefits program, which provides health benefits such as medical, dental and vision, 401K savings plan, paid time off days, paid vacation and more. JC Penney is one of the few retailers to offer benefits to part-time associates. associated part-time is defined as less than 35 hours a week are offered such things as serious illness and life insurance. The part-time employee with benefits makes storing an attractive employer for those who stay at home moms and benefits but flexibility required.

Career Advancement

Forward partners in management within retail establishments and can also move in corporate positions in marketing, marketing, finance and administration. Having a degree in business administration or related field is always an asset position, the acquiring knowledge of the company’s sales floor is essential for progress within the organization. JC Penney offers many opportunities for personal and professional development, with clear objectives, showed roads to success.

Other benefits

JC Penney retail staff have discount stores. Personnel see the products before they reach the ground, and work in corporate culture focused on engagement and retention.